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Why Start An Internet Radio Station?

Short answer: They are easy to set up, cheaper to operate than traditional “terrestrial” radio, and the Internet has become the new very low-cost medium to broadcast information, news, sports, and etc all over the world. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, a new huge market in radio broadcasting has opened up worldwide for corporations, small businesses, and average “Jane’s and Joe’s” to broadcast anywhere in the world via the Internet using a laptop computer and their Internet connection. In America alone, over 124 million people per month listen to radio exclusively via their laptops, tablets and mobile devices!

Percentage of Americans Who Listen To Radio Via The Internet By Age Group

  • Aged 12 – 14 years 75%
  • Aged 25 – 54 years 50%
  • Aged 55 & Older 21%
Each day, thousands of persons join the Internet and mobile device community to listen to their favorite music, talk show or event. This trend is on a steep incline and now is the best time to set up your Internet radio station. It is much easier than many think!

Internet Radio Automation Software

To launch a professional and great sounding Internet radio station, you will need easy to use and easy to learn Internet radio station automation software. SAM Broadcaster is the best there is. This website will teach you how to use SAM Broadcaster and the process of getting your Internet radio station launched.

SAM Broadcaster PRO

SAM Broadcaster PRO

The best Internet radio automation broadcasting software solution there is. Installs on your computer, streams from your computer.

SAM Cast

SAM Cast

Broadcast live content! Capture your microphone and all audio going through your sound card and broadcast it to a remote server!



Manage your music and play it through your computer sound card or other audio equipment! Great for discos, night clubs, church events, etc.



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Over 35 Video Tutorials

  • What is SAM Broadcaster?
  • What equipment will I need?
  • Do I need a website?
  • How to get a domain name?
  • How to get a web host provider?
  • How to install SAM Broadcaster?
  • The SAM Broadcaster desktops
  • SAM Broadcaster Configuration
  • My personal SAM Broadcaster layout
  • SAM Broadcaster encoders
  • Crossfade and Gap Killer settings
  • Adding album art
  • Re-streaming thru SAM Broadcaster
  • Listener slots explained?
  • How to FTP?
  • Setting the FTP parameter in SAM
  • SAM Broadcaster Categories
  • SAM Broadcaster Event Scheduler
  • Using Clockwheels in SAM
  • Setting up categories in SAM
  • SAM Broadcaster AUX Decks
  • Using PAL Scripts in SAM
  • PAL Scripts with Voiceovers
  • Backing up SAM Broadcaster
  • Normalizing MP3s
  • Rip Audio CDs to MP3
  • Changing bitrate on MP3s
  • Using Stereo Tool with SAM
  • What is AutoDJ?
  • Using Twitter with SAM
  • Hardware I use with SAM
  • Getting a unique station ID
  • Licensing your radio station
  • Getting traffic to your station
  • Listing your station in iTunes
  • More …


SAM Broadcaster Cloud

As the name implies, SAM Broadcaster Cloud allows you to set up and run an Internet radio station without having to install any software on your computer or without having to stream your music

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What is AAC

AAC is short for Advanced Audio Coding, AAC is a type of digital audio file and has been promoted as the successor to the once-standard digital audio filetype, MP3. AAC generally offers higher-quality sound than an MP3 while using the

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What Is SAM DJ

As many of you already know, SAM Broadcaster is software that allows you to send out a stream out over your Internet connection to your SHOUTcast stream Host Provider who – in turn – redistributes your stream out over the Internet so

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