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Why Start An Internet Radio Station

There are many reasons why one would start an Internet radio station. My reason, is because are really fun and fulfilling to operate. If you listeners you can attract advertisers and sponsors. That equates in passive income for you.

Others might want to migrate their terrestrial radio stations - which at expensive to operate and maintain - to much cheaper delivery platform - the Internet - can there reach global audience of listeners.

Whatever your reason, will show you exactly, to set up, the software you will need, equipment, at Internet connection speed, bit rates of songs, and licensing (your plan on streaming copyrighted music).

How To Start An Internet Radio Station

Make a list of what you will need and check those items off. I have done then work for you. I have put together it list. I have also created series on article/video tutorials that will walk you through the entire process. 

Check above in menu... check below and click on images and you find are looking for. Thanks for visiting Internet Radio Station.

Also, check out my SAM Broadcaster tutorials.

Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.

How Internet Radio Streaming Works

How Streaming Works
live stream
To run a professional Internet radio station from home, you will want to "Broadcast Live." How do you do that? By using powerful feature-rich broadcasting software. Read More
auto dj
Create a fully automated station using SAM Broadcaster Pro, if you wish, or get an Auto DJ from Live365. SAM Broadcaster Pro is used primarily for "Live DJing" but it can be set to "Auto DJ. Read More
On Air
The marriage between the right Live DJ broadcast software (that you run from your computer) and a remote Auto DJ that seamlessly takes over when you are Read More