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How Internet Radio Streaming Works

The keyword is “streaming.”

If you decide to get into “Internet Radio,” you will be streaming from a computer loaded up with MP3 music files (or other music file types); has Internet Radio Streaming Software installed on it; and has a microphone connected in case you want to DJ or have a talk show. All of this over your Internet connection. You could also create your own DJ website. All you have to do is Read More on how you can get to creating your own website.

This is only half of the story, the part where all of this is taking place over your Internet connection from home, for example.

The other part of the story – an important part – is what exists outside of your home or the place you will streaming from: The Stream Host Provider.

The Stream Host Provider is the company that receives your streams and places them on the Internet for your so that interested listeners can … well, listen.

The Stream Host Provider provides a mechanism called an Auto DJ. I will briefly explain below.

The Auto DJ

An Auto DJ is as the name implies. It is an automated DJ. It is a radio station in the cloud as opposed to being on your computer. The Auto DJ exists on the Stream Host Provider servers and you upload your music to it. For example, the music I stream from my small studio at home from my computer is also loaded into my Auto DJ on my Stream Host Provider account.

The Auto DJ can be configured to run 24/7. It can be configured to play station ID’s, jingles, and commercials at scheduled intervals.

The Auto DJ is a “peace-of-mind” system that ensures your Internet radio station is always on-air in the event you are “Live DJing” from home or office studio which you can setup with glass partitioning and if your Internet connection is interrupted and severed for one of many reasons.

The Auto DJ detects that your stream has been interrupted and it automatically takes over without any gaps or dead air.

How Streaming Works

Live DJ

I want to distinguish between Auto DJ and Live DJ.

As already mentioned, an Auto DJ is an automated system that runs on your Stream Host Provider’s system that keeps your radio station on the air.

The “Live DJ” is simply running your Internet radio station from your home or office studio from a computer with Internet Radio Station software installed on it … over your Internet connection.

You are “live” in that you could be doing a talk show or streaming music live where you can DJ or talk over the music that is playing. Something you cannot do with an “Auto DJ.”

Putting It All Together

When you “Live DJ,” your streams go out over your Internet connection up to the Stream Host Provider servers where they are pushed out over the Internet.

When you decide to stop broadcasting “Live,” your Auto DJ automatically kicks in (nothing you have to do) and starts playing whatever you have loaded into it.

You should have both a “Live DJ” and an “Auto DJ.” Why? Because whenever you are streaming live and your Internet connection is interrupted, your Auto DJ detects it, turns on, and plays the content loaded into it. It keeps your station on air 24/7, and we have the best studio thanks to Soundproofing wall installers so we always have the best sound.

Dead air is a bad word in Internet radio broadcasting. Your listeners will not hang around when there is nothing to listen to.

SAM Broadcaster Pro is an Internet radio broadcasting application by Spacial. The name “SAM” is an acronym for Streaming Audio Manager, which describes the software’s functionality. The software features functionality for running an Internet radio station from a single computer.

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