PV6 Mixing Console

How To Connect an iPhone or iPad Your Mixer?

I have seen many questions from people on YouTube and the Internet asking, “How Can I Connect My iPhone To My Mixer?”

I have also seen many explanations on how to do it. Some good, many are terrible.

However, this can be a daunting question to answer because there are many types of Mixing Consoles and they are labeled differently.

In this article, I will show you how to connect your iPhone or iPad to a PV6 Mixing Console. You will need …

  • Two available 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) input jacks on your PV6. A left and a right one.
  • One UGREEN 3.5mm 1/8″ TRS to Dual 6.35mm 1/4″ cable

Here is the one cable you will need …

You can purchase the UGREEN 3.5mm 1/8″ TRS to Dual 6.35mm 1/4 cable HERE

How To Connect?

  1. Connect the UGREEN 1/4 inch plugs into inputs 5 (left) and 6 (right). See 1
  2. Plug the other side of the cable into the earphone jack of your iPhone or iPad
  3. Flip the button to 1/4″ on the mixing board. (See 2 in the image below)
  4. Play some music on your iPhone or iPad
  5. Adjust knobs at 3, 4, and 5 to get the volume levels up
  6. You should also adjust the volume level on your iPod or iPad in conjunction
  7. You should hear whatever is playing through your headsets or speakers

An Alternate Cable Connection

Instead of using a UGREEN 3.5mm 1/8″ TRS to Dual 6.35mm 1/4 cable, you could use one 6.35 mm to two RCA to 3.5 mm cable and two 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) to RCA plugs. See images below …

  • Buy 6.35 mm to two male RCA to 3.5 mm cable HERE
  • Buy 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) to RCA female plug HERE (You will need two. Buying here gives you the set)

The connection is the same as above.

  • Just plug the two 1/4 inch plugs into the mixer input 5 (left) and 6 (right)
  • Insert the two ends of the cable into the 1/4 inch plugs
  • Connect the other end of the cable into your iPhone or iPad

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