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What is TLH?

What is TLH?

Your Total Listening Hours (TLH) is the amount of time your station stream is listened to by all of your listeners in total.

TLH is calculated by taking the (Number of Listeners Over the Course of a Month x Average Minutes Listened) ÷ Minutes in an Hour = Total Listening Hours.

For example: 3,000 listeners over the course of a month listen for 30 minutes each brings you to 1,500 TLH. ([3,000 x 30]/60=1,500.)

Why is TLH important for you to know?

Because when you purchase a Stream Host package, it will specify a TLH allotment parameter per month. The higher the TLH in the package you purchase, the more expensive that package will cost.

If you are approaching your monthly allotted TLH, your Stream Host Provider will notify and give you a heads up. Why? Because if you exceed your TLH, you will be charged for the overage.

So, it is important when choosing a Stream Host Package, you take into account how much TLH you will need. If you see that you are about to exceed your TLH and the month is not over, you could turn off your station bumping your listeners, which is not a good practice. You want your station to be on air 24/7.

Your TLH resets for the next month.

If you feel that you are about to exceed your TLH because your listener base has increased, you can always upgrade to a higher TLH package to keep your station on-air. The Stream Host Provider will pro-rate the amount depending on how far into the month you reached your TLH limit.

BTW: Listening to one’s own station counts towards your monthly Total Listening Hours (TLH).

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