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Why Learn WordPress?

Some of you might be thinking, “What does learning WordPress have to do with starting an Internet radio station?”

It could mean a great deal! It could mean saving you thousands of dollars in web design fees (and on-going web designer maintenance fees if your website hiccups) if you want to set up a website for your Internet radio station, and you should!

Learning WordPress is a great skill-set to have and it allows you to fire expensive web designers and allows you to design and create beautiful websites without knowing how to code! Plus, since you designed your website, you are in full control and will know what to do in case things do hiccup.

There is no steep learning curve. I recommend that you take a structured course and learn WordPress the right way so that you are not fumbling around to figure things out.

There is a great online course that will take you a week or two to get through. The lessons are very short and comprehensive. By the time you are finished, you will be a WordPress Expert … a WordPress Guru … a WordPress god!

I have made good money using my WordPress skills to design websites for businesses and a few friends. So can you!

Here is a side note about designing web sites for others. Be advised that you can deliver a greatly designed website and your customers love it. Then, when something goes wrong, many will expect you to correct the issues at no cost, since YOU designed their website. You will be the blame. It will be very difficult to severe that umblical cord. It is for this reason, I stopped.

I advise the customers that I delivered them a functional website. They are responsible for the content (blog articles, links, banners, plugins, etc) that they put on it. That after I have delivered the product that their WordPress Back office/Dashboard is newly passworded so I can no longer log in (as I do not want to).

I also advise my customers to learn at least a working knowledge of WordPress so that they can effectively manage their website. Unfortunately, some are lazy and prefer to take the path of least resistance and call you when they break their website and expect a free lunch.

You have been advised. 😉

However, this is about YOU designing your own Internet Radio Station website using WordPress. It is the ONLY way to go!

You can have a fully functional website up and running in a few hours. Then tweak it along the way to add content and build it up to a final masterpiece.

I recommend taking the structured course at WP-101.

Have fun with it!

Easy WordPress tutorial videos for beginners.

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