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I have used many WordPress themes in my long sojourn with WordPress. Some good, some not so good. A few were and are really great!

The only theme I use now is the Zeen Theme. Why? It is so easy to use and they crank out clean and beautiful websites. You purchase Zeen once and you have many themes to select and switch from. I am really quite surprised that CodiTipi sells the Zeen Theme for only $59.00.

It is the perfect theme – for everything! (IMHO)

The default and generic free WordPress themes will not do. You will need a premium theme that is easy to learn and use, is professional and – as such – gives your website that “it factor” and a clean and professional look. A theme that makes it very easy to manage your new website.

The best WordPress theme for this task – and a great many others – is the Zeen Theme by CodiTipi. You can purchase and download it at Themeforest/Envato.  Zeen costs $59. It is well worth it because you get 24 professional themes for one price. And, they all are stunning.

This website was created using one of the themes within the Zeen Theme called “Foods.” I just made my own modifications.

I did a video on how to install one of the themes within Zeen. You can check it out below.

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